A Fascist out of the White House is a Nightmare for The News Organizations.

When Racist Traitor and fake Billionaire Government welfare Case and compulsive liar nut Job Donald Trump was America’s fake President the News Media took four years off of working to let him do their jobs for them. They fought as hard to keep him in office as they fought to install him in the first place. On Election Night when it was clear that Trump had lost to Joe Biden the News outlets didn’t want to face reality and so they didn’t. They decided to not even bother calling the election Biden would win by nearly seven Million popular votes. They waited as long as they could while also helping Trump and the GOP stage a insurrection while looking more pathetic and ridiculous every hour they stamped their feet like spoiled children. Since Trump lost the News Media has thrown a year long temper tantrum at having to go back and actually do their jobs. Jobs that were just too easy under Trump. Everything under Biden is a scandal and a “Nightmare”. CNN is almost out of things to call a nightmare for Biden.

“Seven day weeks are a nightmare for Biden.”

“30 day months are a nightmare for Biden.”

“No, on second thought 31 day months are”

Joe Biden has a 92% approval rating with Democratic Party Voters but the press only likes white rage and male caucasian whine bags so Trump’s lower approval rating with Republicans was something they shouted out from the rooftops and celebrated every day. To CNN and The New York Times only Republican lives matter. Trump lost and The Press is still out for revenge against the candidate and the voters who beat him. It’s going to be a long three years for them. Will they ever do the actual News again? It doesn’t seem likely. They are fully gone.



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Robert Welch II

Robert Welch II


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