There Is Something Wrong With The Progressives

When John Lewis has been snubbed for a white podcaster, something is terribly wrong. There’s an entire generation of American youth that is completely misinformed on the Civil Rights Movement and they seem to prefer it that way. It’s a club a progressive club where they refer to each other as “comrade” a club in which John Lewis, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters , Joy Reid Are Not allowed but Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cynthia Nixon, Joe Rogan Have VIP seating. They have no concept of how messed up this is. Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential run was a can’t miss sign that the white progressive movement as currently constructed has not, is not and will not connect with black voters. But they’d rather blame the DNC and Joy Reid. Black Lives Matter for them just not enough to do anything they can to avoid electing Donald Trump. When The Democratic party became more diverse White Democrats left for the Republican party. Within the last 10–15 years they built a movement and left corporate news for a more Caucasian YouTube news podcast world alternative/independent media supposedly is more progressive and not corporate, but it is still whiter than CNN. Do not Look for a black face with a news show on YouTube you will not find one. They are not allowed and they aren’t encouraged to be allowed or formed by the white independent news progressive standard bearers like The Young Turks, Thom Hartman, The Majority Report, The Jimmy Dore Show, Secular Talk, Redacted Tonight. All Progressive and All white all male, all the time. They sure ran off from the establishment to start a revolution that looks just the same as that old establishment When John Lewis died very few precious condescending minutes were given by WhiteDudeTube News to a man who when he passed was the Civil Rights movement. Recently a member of The Majority Report passed away suddenly the entire Progressive Pod world was all a sunder with tribute shows. It was considered the sadder loss and newsworthy because he was “ONE OF THEM. ” They called him Comrade they told him to “REST IN POWER, KING.” They Labeled John Lewis a shill and a white pod caster as “A king” and to “rest in power” is a blatant symptom of a major problem. Progressives do not seem to understand fully how progress works without Black progress there would have been no social progress for whites. voting rights, union rights, workers’ rights, disabled rights, LGBT rights were all results of the civil rights act not the other way around. They think if we break up the banks and load white working-class people’s money flush with funds and all the racial problems in the country will disappear. As with the new deal and trickle-down black people will still be left out of the fun and the funds. The Republican party has built all their policies on racism. Pull yourself by your bootstraps and welfare queens were directed at Black people. Fair housing act left black people put because Republicans know that black people have a more difficult time acquiring capital. Paid less for a harder job. Sure, there are plenty of white people who have and who still suffer under these policies but that is never the point. They are just collateral damage. If white racists know they can hurt minorities, they are willing to trade of some white bodies in return. Republicans never attacked poor people because they were poor it was always because they knew black people were poor. They could use passive aggressive racism and attacks and get away with it. Then came Obama and they reverted to blatant racism and attacks. Covert to Overt. Black Lives Matter has been occupied by Free White College crowd. Bernie Sanders “Feel The Bern” message of White Peoples Money over all else landed flat with Black Voters as it always has. As it did when it was called The New Deal. And then Called Trickle Down. And then called Fiscal Responsibility. But instead of self-reflection it’s the blame of the biggest tent for black voters called the Democratic Party. The message to white progressives is own your bullshit. Do not pass it off to someone else. I did not know that following someone on Twitter or watching their videos on YOUTUBE meant that you knew the person. Any criticism at all that comes there way and its right back to the same old dusty talking points. It was all encapsulated in the Bernie Or Bust movement And Rally’s A Redux of rage against the machine protesting the DNC but not the RNC in 2000 pretending to love rap and hip hop and understanding more than those black guys, pretending to militant at rage concerts, while the next day you go to your office job at waterpik. Voting for Jill Stein because you didn’t bother to find out how black women felt about her. But your white bar buddies weren’t having it and they are what truly matters. No Clinton’s, No Bush, but somehow The Trumps were completely acceptable to both sides of the shoe A lot of people were with them until they started having jill not hill rallies and making the liberal case for Donald trump. Then they were outraged when people started looking at them side eyed and crazy as they left. The two-party system is not disappearing into thin air, but the opportunity has arisen to realistically fill most of the house and senate with elected democrats. But voting the republicans out is not a priority when your entire shtick relies on both parties are the same. Even though there would be zero chance of passing any progressive legislation with even a partial house of GOP the progressives are sticking to their guns of not ousting republicans unless they can oust the Democrats too. Which is like Telling George Foreman he might have beaten Muhammad Ali if he had just decided to fight Joe Frazier at the same time. The Bernie or bust, Jill Not Hill case never had any logic attached to it. Mostly because just as Ralph Nader before her, Jill Stein never had a plan. both knew full well that they would never be president so even if a magic fairy came flying in on his Unicorn and waved a wand and made Ralph or Jill president America would have had A President with No plan, no policies and no allies. It was never a realistic goal. The only realistic goal was to sabotage the Democratic party and get the republican elected instead. And they were fully shocked and outraged when rational people decided not to go along with THE PLAN. As for Bernie Sanders it was never realistic because of his inability to rally black voters. He knew he would never be president as sure as Ralph and Jill who went and died on A Hill. He makes unrealistic and unreasonable goals for others to accomplish. It is the essence of Bernie Sanders political career making promises he wants others to keep. He is ready again to make the liberal case for Donald trump for Medicare for all.

“What are you yelling at!! we’re yelling at you don’t you yell at us!!” — White Progressives

There were a million think pieces from 2015–2020 on how Dems are too elitist to win back the white working class. Trump calls the Dem base “Savages” and nobody writes a piece about how Republicans are repelling minority support because implicitly it’s an argument about who is valuable in society and who isn’t. Which is why you constantly hear about how Dems need to win the white working class or else and you never hear about how Republicans are toxic in minority communities and cities. But White progressives spend most of their time harassing black people online while begging for more understanding of racist trump supporters and calling people who make 17 dollars an hour at Wal Mart establishment pigs who want poor people to die. One episode of a white prog show that I would like to see is asking why the white progressive movement has defined itself as the true champions of the marginalized, yet their most prominent candidates failed with black voters. The discontented college educated white left is far better off financially than the non-college educated people of color group. Or even the college educated people of color group. It’s not even close. The truth is that the progressive left movement in America as currently not a working-class movement. It’s a discontent movement of college educated upper middle-class whites who thought they’d be wealthier than their parents. Big difference. It’s basically another generation of Nixon southern strategists and Reagan’s trickle-down Democrats TYT you are just idiotic: This is what passes for analysis these days? You would think that self-proclaimed socialists would take the idea that power comes from below seriously. Instead, you are all in on ONLY ONE MAN CAN SAVE US. As I neoliberally discuss reality here the policies of Sanders and Warren are different only on the margins and while on some issues at least Bernie is better the difference between a Bernie or Warren presidency is likely to also only be on the margins. because Bernie did something 35 years ago when mayor of Burlington that he has a special strategy to get around McConnell and the Court? Uh huh. And of course, the “Warren was a Republican several decades ago” argument only comes up to defend Bernie not the black people she hurt in her time as a GOPer. As if we do not want Republicans to see the light and realize the evils of that party. No, it’s pretty clear the only true leader must be born into a leftist Brooklyn family After all, where else could the revolution begin than in Brooklyn? especially the apartments of Jacobin writers whose insular clique culture created a big ol’ megaphone for themselves. Bernie Sanders voted against Brady bill 5 times voted against Amber Alert called planned parenthood the establishment. said women’s healthcare (birth control) was negotiable. paid women less than men paid everyone on campaign less than $15/hour. Didn’t vote for the first time until he was 40 Said Trump supporters aren’t racist Said he was disappointed democrats can’t talk to the white working class where he comes from. Stole is neighbor’s electricity, sales his books on Amazon as he stalks Jeff Bezos like a scorned lover. Believes women fantasize about being raped. Dumped toxic waste in poor Latino communities in Texas Fired the only woman working in his administration when he was Mayor of Burlington. Why? Because she got arrested for protesting GE’s manufacturing of guns being used against civilians in Central America. Bernie sided with GE. Said most drug dealers are African Americans. And all of that is just a drop in a bucket I can keep going on and on Let’s face it centrist is just code for black people and women. Why are we expected to do all the emotional labor of dismantling white supremacy? It’s like people complaining that Hillary didn’t personally visit white Podunk towns and show up with a bag of muffins to people’s doorstep. Well, where was Bernie’s BBQ block party in black districts. I did not see one. why are you so lazy? Because you can afford to be. Until white progressive candidates offer black voters something other than Richard Nixon type conspiracy theories about Democrats the elites and the establishment to deflect their own passive aggressive racism white progressive candidates will keep losing. reparations expose leftists, who for years have argued the left version of “a rising tide lifts all boats.” They do not actually care about the racial wealth gap, and they actually don’t care about redistribution. It’s about certain people living at a certain standard must be extremely gullible to think a man who gives speeches about “greedy companies that don’t give their workers’ healthcare, social security payments, unemployment benefits, etc.” was completely ignorant of the fact he was doing the exact same thing to his workers a lot of talk about the wealth gap between the rich and the middle class but I’m interested in hearing people talk about the wealth gap between the median white family and the median Black family. Is the median white family-net worth 140k-willing to redistribute their wealth? I’m guessing the answer is no. Probably “hell no,” and then being angry at you for asking type response Beyond all of his policy and vote missteps or lack of accomplishments in a 30-year political career, Bernie has other major problems facing his candidacy. 1)He is a weak leader who fears and cannot control his own rabid followers. 2)He did not fight with Dems for the last two years. Bernie has no mechanism to broaden a Democratic coalition in the primaries. If open primaries with Independents is your only way to win you should not be the Democratic nominee. Independents have their own candidates He would form a deportation force to round up millions of immigrants and kick them out of the country. …He says that children born in America to undocumented parents are, quote, ‘anchor babies’ and should be deported. Millions of them.” — Hillary Clinton, On Donald Trump August 2016. The fairness doctrine of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was — in the FCC’s view — honest, equitable, and balanced. In June 1987, Congress attempted to preempt the FCC decision and codify the Fairness Doctrine, but the legislation was vetoed by President Ronald Reagan. Another attempt to revive the doctrine in 1991 was stopped when President George H.W. Bush threatened another veto. You mean Comparing Bill Clinton to Harvey Weinstein, Comparing Obama to Reagan and Comparing Hillary to Saddam Hussein is not rallying Dem voters? your candidates are getting their asses handed to them for a reason. Get a new approach Sunday talk shows this week: — 6 Republican men — 3 shamelessly lying Trump cronies — 0 Democrats — 0 women. this is a dopey narrative that the “establishment” forces millions of Democrats to pick their candidates as if voters have no role in any of this. Hillary was elected because we fought hard and voted for her, and we rejected Bernie Sanders. I love this dopey narrative that the “establishment” forces millions of Democrats to pick their candidates. as if voters have no role in any of this. Hillary was the nominee because we fought hard to elect her and we rejected Bernie Sanders people across the left mock the “economic anxiety” line because it is used to excuse white bigotry, and because it somehow never seems to apply to the many working class and economically precarious POC that y’all seem allergic to discussing. how the “fair trade” countries are all white and the “bad trade” countries are mostly nonwhite. Who determines which country is ok to trade with Bernie? Can we trade with Nigeria? India? Brazil?

Oddly, Berners spend inordinate amounts of time attacking Black people. While PLEADING for more understanding for poor racist Trumpets. The psychology behind that is … interesting. There is no comparison between the wrongs faced by black people with the wrongs faced by white people. To ignore past brutality and present systemic oppression of people of color is incredibly damaging. “Everyone has been wronged” is erasing the massive injustices in America. Jimmy and Lee need to do what Bernie needs to do stop obsessing on the white working class and realize that the base of the democrat party are black women and people of color. Black women and black men rejected Bernie in the primary and that is solely on Bernie sanders they need to hold him accountable for that. Bernie should be all over voter suppression and he is not. Stop harping on Hillary and her book and focus on what Bernie needs to do if that is the guy, they want to be the next Dem nominee and president he’s going to have to do it however in the progressive world Bernie has no standards to live up to. Bernie gets to be whatever people need him to be whenever they need him to be it. Bernie doesn’t exist in the material world. He moves between the raindrops and doesn’t get wet. Bernie is Vapor Bernie is a progressive phantasm.

He is going to have to earn the black female black male and female vote. It is on him.



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